50 Research Opportunities for CC Students!

Want to dip your feet into research this summer? The Foothill College ISRI has compiled a list of 50 awesome research opportunities open to community college students! The fields of research span from the natural sciences to the social sciences, and different programs have different requirements and due dates. Let the ISRI team know if you have any questions!


ISRI’s First Team!

Hi, all! I’m excited to announce the first accepted applicants to the ISRI, Amit Tal and Dion Silverman with their project, “PLGA-Encapsulation of Epithalamin to Decrease Cellular Aging through Telomere Elongation.” According to Amit and Dion, their project “aim(s) to study the relative permeability of human telomerase, epithalamin, and PLGA-encapsulated epithalamin across human cell membranes. We aim to quantify percent encapsulation and trans-membrane transport. Finally, we will measure the effects of PLGA-encapsulated epithalamin on cell longevity.”

We’ve been working with Amit and Dion for several weeks now helping them prepare their application. No matter what research stage you’re in, whether it’s a full project, an idea, or a desire to conduct research, we encourage you to email us at isrifoothill@gmail.com to discuss your goals!

Welcome, Amit and Dion!

How do I join the ISRI?

Welcome to the ISRI website! Please check out our “About the ISRI” page if this is your first time here.

The ISRI welcomes students of all research levels and encourages them to get started on their own research project. However, our application has a lot of specificity that not all students may be ready for yet. What can you do if you’re not ready to fill out the application yet, but still need help developing a research project?

The ISRI is here to help provide you with assistance and resources even before you’re ready to submit the application. Our partnerships with the research experts at the library mean you can get help researching your area of interest and finding a more narrow topic to study. Our student mentors are also available for one-on-one meetings, where you can hear about how they chose their focus and what developing their research project was like. In the future, we’ll also be hosting workshops on topics like finding reliable sources, designing and conducting an investigative research study, and writing academic papers for publication.

Independent Study credit means working with a faculty member to help guide your project. For this reason, students are encouraged to have already taken the introductory courses in their field, and have a relationship with a faculty member they would be comfortable with advising their project. However, we recognize that this is not always the case, and have several faculty members on standby who are willing to work with new students. In the case that we do not already have a standby faculty member in your department of interest, we will do our best to find and match you with one.

If all of this interests you, please fill out a Member Application here so we can learn more about you and where you are in the research process! From there, we’ll be in contact to pair you with a mentor and update you on all upcoming ISRI events and workshops. Thanks so much, and we look forward to hearing from you!