ISRI’s First Team!

Hi, all! I’m excited to announce the first accepted applicants to the ISRI, Amit Tal and Dion Silverman with their project, “PLGA-Encapsulation of Epithalamin to Decrease Cellular Aging through Telomere Elongation.” According to Amit and Dion, their project “aim(s) to study the relative permeability of human telomerase, epithalamin, and PLGA-encapsulated epithalamin across human cell membranes. We aim to quantify percent encapsulation and trans-membrane transport. Finally, we will measure the effects of PLGA-encapsulated epithalamin on cell longevity.”

We’ve been working with Amit and Dion for several weeks now helping them prepare their application. No matter what research stage you’re in, whether it’s a full project, an idea, or a desire to conduct research, we encourage you to email us at to discuss your goals!

Welcome, Amit and Dion!


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