Program Outline & Applications

Welcome! Here you’ll find a list of program requirements and guidelines. We also recommend you learn more about the process of joining the ISRI here.


Membership/Mailing List

Due to overwhelming interest, we’re now opening an entry level membership in the ISRI for those still in the process of developing their research ideas and projects and aren’t ready to submit a full, totally developed application yet. We value members of all research levels, and we want you to be officially part of our program too. Please submit a ISRI Member Application here!

Research Proposal Application

Use this guide to come up with a research proposal. Once you have a fully-fledged proposal and research idea, you can view and/or submit a Research Proposal Application here. We also recommend you view this sample application, though keep in mind that each application will look a little bit different, especially for different subjects and disciplines! If you’re wondering if you’re ready to submit, please feel free to contact us at

Mentor Application

We’re also currently looking for mentors to help guide new members! New members need assistance developing project ideas from their areas of interest, learning how to narrow their focus, and learn how to find reliable research resources to help them figure out methodology in procedure. If you have research experience and would like to share what you learned and help guide new researchers, we would love to have you! Please fill out a Mentor Application here.

Publication Application

Read more about publication at the Publication tab. You have the opportunity to publish your research project on Foothill Scientia (the Foothill student science magazine @ and The Script (the Foothill news site @ Fill out the Publication Application here.

ISRI Research Program Outline & Participation Requirements:

These requirements apply AFTER you have submitted an official Research Proposal Application (this is different from the Member Application!)

  • Each research project must be approved, advised throughout by an appointed Foothill faculty member and be in accordance with the Independent Study contract requirements.
    • Submissions to the Script can count as part of the required evidence of project completion for students to receive a grade.
  • Progress reports must be created and sent to students’ advisors and mentors as proof of project development.
    • This does not need to be in the form of a formal submission, but can include photographs, outlines, drafts, and any other sort of project-appropriate evidence that progress is being made.
  • To receive project approval, students must submit a proposal to ISRI staff and their Foothill faculty advisor that includes: a project timeline, goals, materials and methods.
    • During their pitch, students should establish the duration they plan to participate in the program and complete their project.
  • Periodic written “chapter” updates upon approval
    • Monthly updates are highly encouraged. At least two “chapters” (an initial chapter and an update) should be submitted per quarter.
    • Chapter updates should include major developments in the projects, new findings, follow-up questions and observations
    • Additional media encouraged (photos, drawings, graphs, diagrams, videos, and other project relevant visual representations)